Legal Age

When you order and purchase one or multiple knives from Huusk or any of their upsell items (Merchandise), you represent that you are of legal age to purchase the Merchandise ordered and that the Merchandise can be purchased and owned in your state, county, and/or city of residence. It is the buyer’s obligation to ensure that they are aware of their place of residence’s rules and regulations in regards to knives and make sure they are not breaking the law by purchasing knives from Huusk. Huusk will take NO RESPONSIBILITY for false representation by the buyer.

Risks and Accountability

When you purchase the Merchandise after clicking one of our links, you agree to assume all risks related to and/or arising from your ownership and use of the Merchandise and agree to indemnify and hold Huusk.com, its Administrators, Contributors, Authors, Editors and/or Managers, harmless from any and all claims brought by any person or entity against Huusk.com related to and/or arising from your ownership and/or use of the Merchandise.

Safe Conduct

Knives and related Huusk Merchandise may be dangerous, even deadly, if used improperly, negligently, and/or illegally. When you purchase Merchandise from Huusk, you agree that you will use the purchased Merchandise in a safe and legal manner, consistent with all applicable laws, recognized safety rules, and good common sense. You further agree that you will train and supervise minors in the use of Huusk Merchandise and that you will take such steps as may be reasonably necessary or required by applicable law to keep Huusk Merchandise out of the hands of minors and untrained and/ or immature individuals. Huusk.com does not encourage the use of any of the advertised products and merchandise in a violent or illegal manner, or the use of it to reach violent and/or illegal ends, according to the appropriate laws and regulations outlined by the purchaser’s jurisdiction and the legal authority governing the purchaser’s state, county, and/or city of residence.