Huusk Knives: The NEW Trend for Your Backpack

A knife is a mainstay tool for every hiker. It’s just something all of us have. However, most pocket knives are dime-a-dozen: they look plain, serve a function, dull easily and say nothing about the hiker. But not this one.

A perspective changer

I fell in love with cooking outdoors (and in general as well) ever since I got my Huusk knife. Weird to hear such things coming from I guy, I know. However, this tool utterly changed my perspective. Among my traditionally-minded peers cooking appears to be the woman’s domain and that’s something I couldn’t agree on thanks to Huusk.
A quality stainless steel knife is a statement. Huusk was created using similar traditional techniques the blacksmiths used to forge Samurai swords. This approach produced extra-sharp knives that can serve you for years to come. It’s a tool for the proper chef-hiker who’s ready for anything

A backpacking kitchen essential

I experienced the joy of preparing food in nature not so long ago. Please, keep in mind that I’ve been hiking all around the world for the past 9 years. I used to eat bland premade meals looking at the most beautiful sunsets or when stargazing and honestly, cooking delicious steaks over a campfire then would’ve changed it all

A lifesaver

Even though I use my Huusk knife for food preparation when traveling, it has saved me at least a couple of times. I remember losing my ax somewhere in the woods of Switzerland in November. I cut pieces of wood using Huusk and started a fire to not freeze to death. That’s when I got to know why everyone says these knives are exceptionally durable. It didn’t even bend.
Perfectly sharp, this heavy-duty stainless steel knife is forged with nature in mind. And nature is unpredictable because a hiker never knows where he might find himself tomorrow, however, throwing a Huusk knife into your backpack means being prepared.

A knife is a mainstay tool for every hiker. It really is. But not just any knife. I’d rather choose an exceptionally durable, high balanced, and long-lasting stainless steel mini Samurai katana or no knife at all.


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What Do Others Say About Huusk stainless steel chef’s knives?

Thomas Cavins

We love this knife. The blade is super thick and it feels good in the hand. It came sharp and you can feel the real quality. I can’t reccomend this blade enough.

Terrell Griffin

The knife is very good, it’s has a beautiful finish and is extremely sharp. I recommend this store, it is reliable and with a quality product.

Raymond Ritchey

Very nice knife. Finish and handle fitting is spot on. Have a heavy feel. I like this knife very much. Feels sharp. Can’t wait to cook and use this blade again tonight!

Nicolas Crawford

The knife came very quickly in 7 days. The product corresponds to the description completely. Nice packaging. The knife is very sharp and the price is acceptable. It would make a great gift. Will order some more.

Jeremy Benson

Quality knife, bought it for a present and was not disappointed. Great handle grip, very sharp. Thinking of buying it for myself as well.

Jasper Coe

3 weeks early, sharp as hell, looks and feels amazing! Great service, would not hesitate to do business with this seller again. 10/10

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