Are Japanese knives the thing that makes or breaks your dinner date with her?

When you have dates coming to your 450-sq-ft New York City studio every other weekend (as I do), a kitchen knife is not just a tool. It’s a statement. It speaks volumes about your attitude. Whether they’re one-night stands or long-term partners, they’re sure to notice the one key tool you use.

In fact, I suspect this is true for most men, not just the single ones. This one tool—the humble kitchen knife—is key to your image as a manly man, especially in the kitchen.

And the Japanese have this figured out. In fact, your image as a manly man, especially in the kitchen, is exactly what Huusk wants to support. The samurai-inspired brand offers a custom-looking chef knife that gives every single man the power to become a top chef.

The samurai standard in kitchen knives: quality, longevity, and individuality.

So, when I had the chance to replace my majorly eh kitchen knife with a Huusk,I jumped on it.

Japanese, Samurai-inspired chef knives.

On top of the “a true man’s chef knife” thing, these samurai-derived chef knives have another one-up on the competition: Huusk knives are made from stainless high quality steel using techniques inspired by traditional blacksmithing methods that have been employed for centuries to forge samurai katanas. This approach produces extra-sharp knives that serve their owners for years to come.

A sharp knife, especially one derived from the samurai culture, is a precision tool. It may look dangerous, but in the hands of a skilled man, it is actually much safer than regular knives. You do not need to apply force; it cuts the thinnest of slices with ease. It’s the type of knife that will make you forget about squashed tomatoes or cuts on your—or worse, your partner’s—hands.

Become a chef, even if you don’t cook.

Here’s my story: I don’t cook much. In fact, most of the food I eat is pre-prepared simply because I don’t have time to cook on a daily basis. Also, I don’tlike to cook alone. It’s something that I enjoy on occasions when I am with someone—and, for that, Huusk serves me perfectly.

Having a proper tool for the job makes all the difference in the world. The Huusk knife has a comfortable grip with a blade that is curved according to ancient samurai traditions, which makes using it the most comfortable and efficient process imaginable. The sharpness of the blade increases the speed of cooking considerably, saving you the time to enjoy your dinner date. With Huusk, cooking truly becomes a piece of cake.

Influence taste perception

It’s what you need to make the perfect meal, because the taste of the meal is more affected by our eyes than by our taste buds. In fact, the physical appeal of the cooking process can increase reported meal satisfaction by as much as 62%. Your partner will thank you for it.

What if I lack the skills, you ask? I’ll tell you a secret. You can order in advance and get food delivered just before your dinner date comes over. It doesn’t matter if you cooked the meal yourself. She will assume you did because of the Huusk knife displayed prominently in your kitchen. Women know that only a real chef with a passion for cooking could own such a knife.

A conversation starter. A sign of individuality.That’s what Huusk is.

A manly man’s tool

It’s time to stop domesticating males in the kitchen. It’s time for an upgrade—and not just for our masculinity, but also for our quality of life and our sense of self. Huusk knives look like a hunter’s tool. They are rugged, hand-crafted,strong, and sharp. Seeing such a knife at a man’s place says things about him. For instance: “this guy would survive the great wilderness with only his wit and his knife; he knows what he’s doing and is a true man’s man.”

No more dull knives

Every knife I used before was of low quality. They would rust and turn dull quickly, and they were inconvenient, and ineffective. They did not make me a manly man. But, before Huusk, there was never a solution because high-quality knives were usually prohibitively expensive.

Now, Huusk offers high quality for a low price. It’s made of stainless high quality steel, not unlike one used in samurai katanas centuries ago. This quality makes Huusk extra sharp. Just like a katana served its samurai for a whole lifetime, Huusk can serve you for years to come.

5 features that will make you become the master of quality cooking:

Ergonomic design: Huusk chef knives are designed to have the perfect grip. The hole on the blade provides extra space for your fingers. The handle and blade curves create a balance that results in a strong grip and effortless cutting.

Extra sharp, designed like samurai swords: Huusk knives are created using the same techniques ancient Japanese blacksmiths used to make katanas for the legendary samurai warriors. These techniques create blades that can be used for precision cutting. They do not dull (or, rather, they dull so slowly that you’ll never notice) and can be used to produce the thinnest of slices.

Safer: Regular kitchen knives are usually dull, but dull edges are not safe. Actually, a dull-edged knife is more prone to slip, as you need to apply more force to make a cut. An extra-sharp Huusk knife is extremely safe in the hands of a true chef.

Tool of a master: Regular kitchen knives can be wielded by anyone. Huusk knives look like tools for someone who is a master of their craft, a true chef.

Symbol for rugged individuality and self-reliance: Huusk knives show that you cook regularly (only someone who does so would own a custom-looking knife) and that you only use the most precise, perfect tools for the job. They suggest that you are individualistic, value traditional crafts, can take care of yourself and others—you are not a domesticated man, but a hunter, the ruler of the modern world.

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